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CareMotive is a health and social care solutions company having extensive expertise of challenging integration projects. Our focus is developing products and services that leverage the NHS Spine services.

At the heart of all our solutions is our flagship product, Spine Message Handler (SMH), a mature middleware suite that makes it easy for end-user systems to access NHS Spine message sets and services, including eReferrals, demographics and electronic prescriptions.

SMH is a cross-platform product that has been deployed in various servers, configurations and deployment environments.

Most commonly we supply SMH through OEM arrangements with other health and social care system vendors, for example Silverlink, Positive Solutions, Cambio, Mayden, Perkin Elmer and Qinec.

SMH is accredited by NHS Digital as a Spine Mini Service Provider for both PDS and CP-IS which means that it can be used without the end-user system going through a lengthy compliance process. CareMotive also offer SMH for use as a Spine Mini Service Provider on a SaaS basis to make it very easy to get up and running.

Most recently we have introduced a range of highly effective solutions for NHS Number capture, with both batch and interactive approaches catered for. When combined with Smart+Search technology, licensed from Open Mapping Software, very high match rates can be obtained without the need for manual retries.