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Our mission

Integrating the NHS

integrating the NHSHealthMotive integrates the NHS by understanding the people, tools and processes involved in complex healthcare pathways. Our vision is for a simple and integrated experience for health professionals to improve patient care through integrating healthcare pathways and systems.

Our values and what drives us

These are the reasons we created HealthMotive and are the reasons we come to work every morning.
Our values and what drive us

  1. Solution focussed
    • We understand the solution is a combination of your people, processes and the tools they use,  and so our solutions cater for integrating across your tools, processes and people
  2. Patient-centred
    • At the heart of our solutions is a focus on benefit to the patient. Our solutions are designed to help clinicians to provide better healthcare for patients.
  3. It’s all about the team
    • The right team can solve any problem and we aim to provide the skills to provide the correct solution.
  4. Be clear, listen to and empower the customer
    • We will present ourselves, the problem and the solution in a transparent and easy-to-understand way.
    • The customer provides the clues to resolving the problems and by being open and straight-forward with our communication we empower our customers to devise possible solutions early within the engagement.
  5. What’s really the problem?
    • The root cause of a problem is often hidden behind the people, processes and tools being used. We identify the real problem and don’t just treat the symptoms.


Healthmotive timeline

HealthMotive started providing healthcare solutions and services from 2005. Over the past few years we have extended the breadth and depth of our products and associated services, enjoying continued relationships with all of our clients.

Meet the team

Paul Richardson, HealthMotive Director
Paul Richardson

Paul is a healthcare integration specialist and uses his knowledge of both healthcare and technology to provide workable and timely solutions in complex environments.

Marko Dukic, HealthMotive Consultant
Marko Dukic

Marko has worked in various industries and uses his experiences and problem solving prowess to explain difficult problems to various audiences while also delivering actionable solutions in challenging timescales.

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To provide a holistic solution we work with the following partners:

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