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Spine Message Handler

Integrating with the NHS Spine

There’s no other way to put it – integrating to the NHS Spine is difficult and complex! There are numerous subsystems to connect to, each of which support multiple messages that have very complex HL7v3 XML payloads, and transported over a range of different message exchange patterns (MEPs) that have to conform to precise contract properties, encryption ciphers and authentication protocols.

That’s why many health and social care system vendors choose to use CareMotive’s flagship product, Spine Message Handler (SMH) to handle the complexity for them. SMH hides the complexity and exposes a simple interface to the end-user system.

Spine Message Handler

SMH core and message setsSMH has been deployed in a wide range of environments; on various platforms, available computing resources, deployment and support models. We price based upon your specific situation and can apply per transaction, per instance or per organisation models, and we can bill you on your preferred interval.







SMH facilitates connection to the following NHS Spine services:SMH history

In addition SMH is certified as a Spine Mini Services Provider for compliance-free connection to PDS and CP-IS.




The Project Approach

A Spine integration project usually involves the following phases, in which CareMotive will:

  • establish the approach to HSCIC compliance;
  • develop any interface adaptors required;
  • setup a test environment for pre-integration testing; and
  • support the customer through to going live and beyond.

To help ensure your integration is successful and to ensure you gain Spine compliance we offer a Spine Compliance service.  The activities undertaken as part of this work package are:

  • Advice on structuring the CAP approach
  • To the greatest possible extent, write the documents for submission to HSCIC only involving the customer where absolutely necessary.
  • Assistance with progressing the artifacts through the HSCIC process including handling the review comments in the first instance.